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Blue Fillable Plastic Easter Eggs

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Our Blue Fillable Plastic Easter Eggs are shocking. Fill Easter bushels with eggs in your assortment, or use these beautiful eggs in a themed Easter holder. These Plastic Easter Eggs are obviously appropriate for an Easter egg pursue. You can recall eggs for a couple of shades of blue. Turned eggs snap together, so they're quite easy to open and fill.

These Blue Plastic Easter Eggs are sensible for smarty pants, downsized toys, and jellybeans. They can be stacked up with gifts, treats, and sweets to stun any adult or little child! Thusly, buy these radiant things for you as well as your exceptional ones.


  • 12 Plastic Easter Eggs with UN-Hinged Lid
  • Suitable for smarties, miniature toys, and jellybeans.
  • Approx. Size 5.7 cm
  • You will receive an assortment of the colors shown.