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How to celebrate your child's birthday in Lockdown?

Pandemic has forced us to stay indoors. We have embraced many unusual 'normals' due to Covid-19 and lockdowns. But Birthdays are special. Children and their parents have a special attachment to occasions when it comes to birthdays. 

Let's not allow pandemics and lockdowns to ruin our celebration. They are important milestones in a kid's life and should be celebrated. So we have gathered a fun way of celebrating your child's birthday in Lockdown. You can make this day memorable for your child with a few arrangements and preparations. 

Here are 13 ways to celebrate birthday in Lockdown.

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Decorate House

If you cannot have grand parties with friends and family, you can indeed create an aura of the party by decorating the house. You can decorate the home with banters, balloons and colourful ribbons. We all have some decoration items left in the storage from the last party. You can use all the decorations to make the space lively. Additionally, you can also ask your kid to help you with the decorations. They will feel the excitement, and you will have a good time with your little one. 

Virtual party

Since you cannot invite your friends over for a birthday party due to a lockdown, it doesn't mean that they can't be on your birthday. Virtual parties are a new craze these days. With the many new 'normal' birthday parties, these days can be celebrated virtually. You can decorate the backdrop for a virtual party and invite your friends over for a video conference. You can play games and cut the cake for the celebration. There are many games online which you can play with your friends over video calls. 

Baking cake together

Another fun way of celebrating birthdays is baking cake together. If you have a small house party with your family, you can bake cakes and cookies with your child. Then, you can make a particular batch for your family. If your child loves cooking or baking cake with you, it will be the best activity you can plan on your birthday with them. Also, you can make special batches for donating them to needy and poor people. 

Give them Handmade Cards

Kids love their birthday and small things like handmade cards. If you want to make this day extra special for them, you can simply make a card from them with a personal message. You can also design cards with photos and their unique toys. Then, surprise them with cards in the morning or during the cake cutting. Don't forget the hugs and smile with cards!

Family Fancy Dress

If you cannot invite anyone over for the party, you can celebrate your own way in the house. For example, you can arrange a family fancy dress party for your child. You can dress up in a theme. Ask your child's opinion, and you can have a blast with this idea. For dressing up, you can use things available in your house. Make costumes and enjoy the party with your kid.

Make Bowling Alley at home

If your child is a bowling enthusiast, you can make a small bowling alley at home for them. You can use used bottles for pins and big size balls for making bowling balls. There is always creativity involved in creating memories. Then, add some lights and decorations to the backdrop for festivity. 

Special Birthday Messages

Birthdays are days of wishes, and it feels very good when we receive wishes from our loved ones. You can ask your child's friends to send special birthday wishes with a video recording. You can collect the videos and create one video for your child. Play this video for your child's birthday and show him/her how much they are loved. 

Neighbourhood Special Birthday

This special arrangement is a team effort. For making your child's day special, you can ask your neighbours to put signs and birthday messages on their yard or lawn. Then, ask your child to step out of the house and look for the wishes. They will be thrilled by seeing personalized birthday messages on the neighbour's block. 

Makeover party

A makeover is a good way to excite your kid at a birthday party. Whether you have a son or daughter, you can enjoy a makeover party with your kids. You can dye your kids' hair with natural colours and give them a new look. Or style them differently, which gives them a perfect birthday makeover. 

DIY Covid Pinata

Kids love large Pinatas for their birthdays. You can make one in the shape of a covid virus. Add candies and goodies in the pinata and see your child smile. Ask your child to smash the figurine and see candies sprinkling from it. 

Hire an entertainer

Many party entertainers in Lockdown are performing on video calls. You can hire them as per your child's preference. For example, you can hire a theme for your house party, and they will entertain your kids virtually. You can hire a magic show or storyteller for the party. 

Family Picnic

Suppose you are also urged to go out and play. You can arrange for a small family picnic in your backyard with kids. Make special treats for the birthday and plan for picnic games. You can also book bouncy castles just for your family and see your kids' excitement. You can also decorate your backyard for the party. 

Treasure hunt

Kids love treasure hunt games. For this, you need to assemble some treats and goodies for your kids to find. You can hide these goodies in your house and yard. And make a list of clues. Give this list of clues to your kids, and ask them to hunt for treasure. They will love the activity. You can hide a big present at the end as a fruit of labour for your child. 

Final Thoughts!

Pandemic has taught us the value of family and gratitude. Unfortunately, we cannot go outside, but we are thankful that we are with family friends in this difficult time. With small efforts, you can still celebrate your child's birthday in Lockdown. We hope you loved the ideas and would use some. Nonetheless, you can be more creative, and with little effort, you can create lifetime memories with your family. 

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