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10 Party Must-Haves for the Perfect Birthday Bash

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A birth-date is a reminder to celebrate life as well as to update life.

Birthday parties are special events that are not only meant for pleasing your guests. But also to create lifelong memories for your loved ones.

Party planning can be very tedious and overwhelming. But if you have some staples to create a focal point at your party, you can just have a rocking evening. You can plan birthday parties with great themes and ideas like pirate parties or princess parties.

We have curated a list of the ten party must-haves you can use around the year for more than one occasion. As some of them are stashed in your storage, you will be able to create beautiful memories for your kids.
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List of 10 Party Must-Haves for Birthdays


Everyone likes balloons. So no matter if you are planning a birthday party for your kids or adults, balloons are the go-to decoration for every party. They are available in many colors and shapes. If you keep balloons for future purposes, you can buy packs of colorful balloons which can be used on every occasion.

Balloons can be used as per the theme. There is a whole collection of balloons online where you can shop amazing looking balloons for your perfect birthday bash.

Hanging decorations

Hanging decorations like tassels, garlands, and banners are life-saving decor items for any birthday party. They not only bring out color but also adds festivity to the decor. You

can buy a range of decorations from online stores. You can also use customized banners and garlands for birthday parties to make your kid happy. Of course, the decorations you use for the party should be in sync with the color scheme theme of the party.

Tiaras and crowns

Head accessories are excellent party elements that you can give away to guests. They are a good option for theme parties and add great looks to your photos. Wearing party hats is a universal idea. And by having them at your party, you are uplifting the mood of your guests. There are varieties of party hats and crowns in the market that match your theme and color scheme.


Piñatas are an excellent choice for every birthday party. The large figurine stuffed with goodies and candies is the dream of every child. Even as a kid, you might remember your grand piñata at your birthday party. You can find any shape and size of piñatas online. Buy giant and sturdy piñatas for your child’s birthday party so that you can stuff goodies and candies without the fear of tearing them up. There are many designs of piñatas in the store which match your theme. Watch kids’ excitement when you blast piñata at the party and candies sprinkling all over the floor.

Birthday Cake

For making your party successful, birthday cakes are the most essential must-have for a party. Most of the children looked forward to fancy and themed birthday cake at the party. For the birthday boy/ girl, cakes are unique, and they can make beautiful memories with the perfect birthday cake.


Any party decorations are incomplete without proper furnishings. For making your party look perfect and according to the theme, you need perfect furnishings to go with it. You can buy color theme furnishings from online stores. Decorate your place with colorful

tablecloths and chair covers. You can also use the curtains to make the area perfect for the theme. You can also get them customized for the personal attention of the guests.

Centerpieces & Streamers

Centerpieces & Streamers are attractive options for birthdays. There are thousands of options for Centerpieces online. You can buy them or make them at home. They will add charm to your decor and make your guests muse. Little streamers in the party can be customized as per theme to make the celebration memorable. You can also place card holders at the guest tables for a personal touch.

Party Lights

Beautiful and attractive party light uplifts the mood of the guests. You can arrange for fantastic lights for the party in pink, red, yellow and magenta. You can opt for beaming party lights or illuminating dim lights for guests. Lights are an essential part of the party, especially when you have indoor parties. Adding a dash of the disco ball and simmer fairy lights can add to the birthday bash.

Small Buckets

Buying small galvanized party buckets from the craft stores can be a great help when you arrange for a birthday bash. You can reuse them on different occasions. They come in handy for many decoration ideas. Just decorate them with ribbons and sprinklers, and they are ready to use. You can use them for decorating tables with cake pops or cutleries. Since they are unbreakable, they can be used for a longer time. Similarly, if galvanized ones are not available, you can buy colorful disposable buckets in the same manner.

Treat bags

Treat bags are a fantastic way to end celebrations. Treat bags are offered to the guests at the end of the party as a way of thank you note. You can customize treat bags with guests’ names for a personal touch. Every child is delighted to get treat bags at the end of the party. In addition, you can add candies, toys, and accessories to the bag for kids.

Buy cute and colourful treat bags from an online store so that your guests remember about your party for a long time.


We hope these ideas get you going. We have mentioned the ten most essential accessories for planning a birthday party for your kid. However, you can use the decoration according to your theme and preference. Some of them are reusable and totally worth buying. If you are planning a birthday party for your kid, you must have these essentials on the checklist for making the party memorable for your family.

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