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Step Back in Time: Hosting an Amazing Medieval Age Theme Party


Have you ever dreamt of being transported to the enchanting era of knights, castles, and epic adventures? If so, hosting a medieval age theme party is the perfect way to turn that dream into a reality. Step back in time and immerse yourself and your guests in a world of chivalry, feasting, and merriment. In this blog, we will guide you through the essentials of throwing an unforgettable medieval age theme party that will leave everyone feeling like they've journeyed to a bygone era.

medieval style party
  1. Invitations:

Set the tone for your medieval party right from the start with themed invitations. Craft elegant parchment-style invitations, complete with calligraphy and wax seals, reminiscent of the medieval era. Use medieval-inspired wording to add an extra touch of authenticity, inviting your guests to embark on a magical time-traveling adventure.

  1. Decorations:

Transform your party venue into a medieval wonderland with the right decorations. Start by draping the walls with richly colored tapestries or banners displaying family crests. Scatter faux stone walls and suitably aged furniture pieces to recreate the ambiance of a medieval castle. Candles, torches, and soft lighting will add a touch of mystery and authenticity to the setting.

  1. Costumes:

Encourage your guests to embrace the theme by donning medieval attire. Suggest that they dress as knights, princesses, jesters, or even wizards. Provide a dressing area with a variety of props and accessories, such as swords, shields, and crowns, so that everyone can fully immerse themselves in the medieval spirit.

  1. Entertainment:

No medieval party would be complete without exciting entertainment. Consider hiring medieval reenactors or performers who can provide interactive experiences like jousting tournaments, sword fighting demonstrations, or even fire-breathing shows. Live music from a minstrel or a medieval-themed playlist will enhance the atmosphere and keep the guests entertained throughout the evening.

  1. Games and Activities:

Engage your guests with a variety of medieval-themed games and activities. Organize a treasure hunt where guests follow clues to find hidden treasures. Set up archery or axe-throwing stations for some friendly competition. Board games like chess, backgammon, or Nine Men's Morris were popular during the medieval period and can be a hit at your party.

  1. Feast:

Food and drink were an essential part of medieval celebrations, so be sure to offer a feast fit for royalty. Serve hearty dishes like roasted meats, medieval-style pies, vegetable stews, and fresh bread. Offer an assortment of mead, wine, and ale as beverage options. Consider using wooden or pewter dishes and goblets to add an authentic touch to the dining experience.

  1. Photo Booth:

Create a medieval-themed photo booth where guests can capture memories of the event. Set up a backdrop featuring castle scenery or a medieval feast. Provide props such as crowns, swords, shields, and cloaks for guests to use in their photos. This will not only add to the fun but also give everyone a memorable souvenir to take home.


By following these essential steps, you can transport your guests to a magical world of knights, castles, and medieval merriment. Whether it's the elaborate decorations, the engaging activities, or the scrumptious feast, your medieval age theme party is bound to be an unforgettable experience for all. So, gather your friends and loved ones, don your armor or gowns, and step back in time to celebrate in true medieval style!

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