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100 X Vacuum Sealer Precut Food Storage Bags

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These Food Storage Saver Bags will preserve your food in the fridge for longer than any other bag on the market, keeping it fresh and less heated. These bags are ideal for long-term storage or travel, and they will save you a lot of time and money. Food Spray Bags keep your food fresh, tasty, and nutritious by preventing moisture and air from getting in.

The bright dot pattern on our Vacuum Sealer Food Roll Bags provides for great air permeability, keeping your closed food fresh for 5-6 times longer than traditional storage methods. Lock in freshness, flavor, and nutrients. Vacuum sealer bags of the finest grade and with the highest levels of BAP free.


  • All vacuum packing equipment is compatible with this product.
  • Pre-made bags are more convenient and take less time to use.
  • The commercial-grade multi-ply material prevents freezer burn and dehydration by blocking oxygen and moisture.


  • Material: PE+PA
  • Quantity: 100 PCS
  • Variations: 20*30cm
  • Size: 6 different Sizes
  • Color: Clear and side Textured