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40th Sparkling Swirl Decorations

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Party Decoration Swirls are your show-up at party enhancements to assist you with turning into a party-tossing hero. Make the 40th birthday celebration sparkle! Twofold-sided "40" patterns hang from dark, gold, and silver foil twirls on these unique grown-up birthday embellishments. Effectively hang sparkling celebration 40th birthday Swirl Decorations by the connected plastic snares.

This Foil Sparkling Swirl Decorations Set is appropriate for 40th birthday celebration party, people's 40th birthday celebration party; you can involve it as a party highlight, or as a photograph setting to blend in with other birthday celebration embellishments, for example, birthday photograph corner props; it is glossy for your 40th birthday celebration party, will add a warm touch to your party. So purchase now this astonishing item.


  • 12 in a package
  • 6 Plastic Swirl Decorations
  • 3 Swirls with Paper cutouts,7."
  • 3 Swirls with Paper Cutouts,5."