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50th Sparkling Celebration Happy Birthday Banner

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Sparkling Celebration Age Banner uses to celebrate 50 years of life with a jubilant and shining celebration that only the true party animal within the family unit could conceive. Like stars sparkling around a heavenly body, these air-filled pieces of the string will fill your room with vibrant joy and unbridled happiness. Our Happy 50th Banner is great for marking big birthdays celebration.

50th Birthday Letter Banner is made of high-quality material. It is perfect for hanging from branches and ceilings, or opening against a wall, hanging dessert tables, backdrops, and the general party space, the color integral placement ornament is also very perfect for decorating. This Happy Birthday Letter Banner is great for party decoration, home decoration, holiday party, party decoration, etc. Ideal for both home decoration and fixing trees, etc.

Item Details:

  • 7 ft. wide x 6" tall

  • 14 Cutouts

  • Cardstock