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90cm Latex Helium Colour Balloons

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Our 90cm Latex Helium Color Balloons are eco-accommodating material, 100 percent biodegradable regular elastic-plastic, weighty, thick and challenging, and scentless. These goliath pink plastic inflatables, precise to 36 inches or 90cm when swelled, can be utilized with helium or physically blown. Our monster inflatables are thicker than the market normal and more robust, sober and eco-accommodating regular plastic material, thick and adaptable, solid and reusable, no scent, safe, and no stress over exploding.

These Latex Helium Color Balloons are fantastic embellishments and add a pleasant climate for different gatherings and occasions, birthday celebrations, weddings, school occasions, Christmas, Halloween parties, and other happy get-togethers and festivity/diversion occasions. Our Helium Color Balloons are great for indoor or open-air photograph shoots, celebrations, and occasion adornment.


  • XXL Latex Party Balloons
  • Simple to explore yourself
  • It arrives in a norm or metallic completion
  • Size: 90 cm (36")
  • 14 tones accessible