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Farm Animal Face Stickers

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These artistic little cartoon animal stickers use high-quality skilled stickers and glue as raw materials, and so use exquisite printing, cutting, and finishing styles to form these sticker rolls environmentally friendly and sturdy. you'll be able to stick these beautiful stickers to craft works, papers, files, notebooks, college articles to be used, and alternative things, you'll be able to totally differentiate different things or contents by those beautiful animals.

These Farm Animal Face Stickers square measure ideal for farming-themed parties, birthday events, college awards, giveaways, and alternative events, kids are keen on them; you'll be able to use them to form a cute farm scene or as a souvenir to children to form them happy. The spherical stickers square measure simple to peel off and continue target places. it's a self-adhesive back for you to stay to things simply and is additionally simple for you to get rid of once you don't desire them.


  • This is full color throughout and has numerous expressions.
  • Come together to form your own eutherian face.
  • A good activity to stay your child busy.
  • And kids’ creativeness, thinking ability, and acting ability are improved at an equivalent time.
  • Easily peel off, smart viscosity.
  • Stickers square measure all coated, so that they don’t rip simply.
  • And all things square measure safe for kids’ use.


  • Material: Paper
  • Type: Stickers
  • Size: 1 1/2"