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Funny Frog Temporary Tattoos

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Our Funny Frog Temporary Tattoos are excellent, simple to utilize, enduring, waterproof impermanent tattoos. You can take it to the ocean side, pool, shower, and other water exercises — no exorbitant contact.

These Frog Temporary Tattoos are reasonable for young ladies, grown-ups, and kids. It is applied to the face, hand, neck, and chest. Adorable gifts. They are not difficult to utilize and eliminate. Eliminate the short film from the tattoo paper, stick the tattoo on spotless and dry skin, dampen the tattoo with water, eliminate the structure and let the tattoo dry. It can be destroyed without much of a stretch by scouring liquor, body oil, and olive oil. 


  • Simple to apply and eliminate, ideal for wilderness and setting up camp subject gatherings!
  • Safe and non-harmful
  • Size: 3.8cm (1 1/2")
  • Pack of 36