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Plain Paper Lolly Bags

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Our Plain Paper Lolly Bags are made of kraft paper. They are harmless to the natural framework and simple to pass on. The Paper Gift Pack is organized in a generous grouping with near no model, so you can plan or name it yourself to make a gift sack with your surprising style. Add a class to any bundle. Utilize these Party Bags for creation.

These Paper Lolly Bags fit children's birthday celebrations, wedding parties, events, graduation merriments, and another present party bundling. Also, they can use as gift packs, sweets sacks, restricted snacks, and so forth. The apparent plan on these unique packs makes them an ideal material for letting you, or your teenagers, go wild with painting and drawing overall around these paper gift sacks!


  • 12 Pack x LOLLY BAGS with Plain Colours
  • 12 Paper Bags - 26cm H x 13cm W (10" x 5")
  • You can use these bags to carry Jewelry, cosmetics products, gifts, shoes, garments, and other fancy items.
  • Paper shopping bag with twisted paper carrying handles for disposable transport.
  •  They are made of good quality paper.