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Plastic Sea Horse Under the Sea Ocean Decorations

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Our Plastic ocean Horse Decorations square measure manufactured from sensible quality plastic materials and handcrafted metal and use a hand painting coat for the final word sturdiness and rust protection, giving it long-lived color. Even expose to the daylight or rain, they're still the same; The exquisite seahorse consists of spirited eyes, vivid fin, bright tummy painted glass and a singular curl tail.

This Plastic ocean Horse could be a fun toy for teenagers and makes a good decoration for any ocean, beach, or nautical-themed party. He appears nice as a part of a table show or centerpiece. These ocean creatures square measure good for decorating a restroom or luau bash, and they additionally blackguard tropical party favors. This ocean-inspired assortment includes ocean horses.


  • Assorted.
  • Sea Horse Decoration.
  • Other decorations and fishnet are sold separately. 
  • Decorate for a beach party luau or another tropical event with this fun sea horse decoration. 


  • Material: Plastic.
  • Size: 7 1/2" - 11 1/2"
  • Number of Pieces: Pack of 1