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Vacuum Precut Sealer Bags

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Our Vacuum Sealer Storage Bags are super quality and economically priced food seal bags premium alternative to food saver and storage convenient to use, 100 Pcs big quantity. These Food Storage Saver Bags will keep your food fresh and less hot in the fridge longer than any other bag on the market. Ideal for long-term storage or when traveling, these bags will save you a lot of time and money.

These Vacuum Sealer Food Bags have a bright dot pattern that allows for high air permeability, keeping your closed food fresh 5-6 times longer than other storage methods. Food Spray Bags prevent moisture and air while maintaining the freshness, taste, and nutritional value of all your food.


  • Vacuum Precut Sealer Bags are designed for use with all vacuum packaging machines.
  • Pre-made Vacuum Sealer bags take less time to use and are more convenient.
  • The commercial-grade material blocks oxygen and moisture, preventing freezer burn and dehydration.


    • Material: PE+PA
    • Quantity: 100 PCS
    • Variations: 15*20cm
    • Color: Clear and side Textured