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Vacuum Sealer Bags

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This Vacuum Sealer Bags is an excellent choice for your vacuum packing needs, extending your food shelf life by 5 times more than traditional storage methods, which also reduces waste and reduces costs. Providing the strength of a commercial kitchen requires, as well as the flexibility to cut custom bag sizes as needs change.

The locking strap on Food Saver Vacuum Sealers heats up to an accurate temperature that works directly with FoodSaver bag material, ensuring you get a secure inert lid. These bags can be refrigerated, refrigerated, and microwave for convenience. They can also be boiled, which makes them ideal for programs that use sous vide recipes. Commonly used bags are suitable for many types of vacuum sealers.


  • Easy to use.
  • To be used in large vacuum sealers
  • Made from food-safe materials
  • Great for storing and freezing food


  • Material: PE+PA
  • Quantity: 100 PCS
  • Sizes: 6 different Sizes
  • Variations: 28*40cm
  • Color: Clear and One side Textured