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White Snowflake Hanging Decoration

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The white glinting snowflake fabricated from the finest acrylic is waterproof, very hard, and uneasy to the crease. Every strand is packaged individually and comes assembled. Simply place them up as you go, do not expose them in a very rush to avoid tangling.

This decoration is often displayed to form a 3D white snowflake and comes complete with a dangling thread and fastenings. They're a cultured joyous look with obscure pearled shines, showing an amazing 3D snowflake after you open and fold the sheets. Durable decoration for any special day besides Christmas, or New Year party


  • Snowflakes Christmas Hanging measures 31cm (12')
  • It is a pack of 1 which contains 32 pieces
  • Made of acrylic material, it is long-lasting.
  • There are twelve sizes to choose from.
  • It is suitable for Christmas party decoration.


  • Sold: Single
  • Approx size: 30cm
  • Material:  Acrylic
  • Item Name: Hanging Decor